BK Sweets & Frozen Treats – Quick Guide

BK Sweets & Frozen Treats

With Summer just around the corner that Summertime heat will be upon us before you know it! And when that Summer heat hits those cravings for something cold and refreshing will follow! We all know the main players when it comes to Summertime treats Dairy Queen, Sonic, Coldstone, Twistee Treat, even McDonalds, but Burger King has some of the best Sweet & Frozen treats for some of the best prices! 

What sort of Sweets & Treats are there?

Burger King has a pretty big selection when it comes to their Sweets & Treats PLUS everything is under $5! It offers some of the best value around when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth! So let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

  • Frozen Coke, Fanta Wild Cherry, Cotton Candy $1.89

Burger King has some of the best frozen treats around and that includes their Frozen Drinks! Which include the flavors Coke, Fanta Wild Cherry and for a limited time this summer they are offering a Cotton Candy Flavor! 

  • Frozen Cotton Candy cloud $2.69

If you like the Frozen Drinks from Burger King you will love the new limited time flavor Cotton Candy Cloud! It is a Frozen Cotton Candy Drink topper with Sweet Cold Cream Foam!!! So tasty!

  • Hershey’s pie $2.29

I know pie doesn’t often come to mind when you think of a cold treat and probably even less so when you are thinking about Burger King but the Hershey’s Pie from BK is not only a cold treat but it is also super delicious!

  • Shakes Vanilla, Chocolate, $3.99

If you like the Classics and you’re in the mood for something cold and creamy, one of  BK’s shakes will fit the bill! They come in Vanilla or Chocolate flavors and for under $4 they are a great value!

  • Shakes Classic Oreo, Chocolate oreo $4.19

Like your shakes with a little more flavor to them? BK also offers their Vanilla or Chocolate shakes with Oreos mixed in! Who can say no to an Oreo shake?

  • Soft Serve Cup or Cone $0.99

One of the best deals on the BK menu in my opinion is the Soft Serve Cup or Cone! For only $0.99 you get a good sized portion of a tasty cold treat that’s sure to be a hit!

  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.00

Burger King’s Chocolate Chip cookies are a soft, chewy and sweet treat that everyone will love. I like to order the 2 for $1.00 deal and put a cookie on top of my soft serve dish for a little extra yumminess! 

Looking for ways to save?

If you are looking for ways to save when dining at Burger King, there are a couple things you can do!

  • Save your receipt!

When you make a trip to BK be sure to save your receipt! Each receipt has an invitation to take BK’s customer survey, and you can earn a FREE Whopper or Classic Chicken Sandwich (w/ the purchase of any size drink & fry) all you have to do is go to www.MyBKExperience.com enter your survey code, complete to survey and you will receive a code you can write on your receipt to redeem for your FREE Whopper or Classic Chicken Sandwich on your next visit to BK!

  • Download the BK App and Sign up

Downloading the BK App and signing up will get you exclusive coupons and deals that you won’t find anywhere else! The coupons and deals change daily on the App, and you will also receive emails with even more coupons and deals just for you! It is one of the best ways to save when visiting BK!

Enjoy those treats!

I hope this has helped show you what types of treats BK has to offer! I know it isn’t always the first place that comes to mind when deciding where to go when a craving for something cold and sweet hits, but hopefully now it will be! Plus now you know how to save some extra $ when you decide to dine at BK too!

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