How to Score a Free Whopper at Burger King

Burger King fans, did you know you can get a delicious Whopper burger for free? Yes, you read that right! All you have to do is take a quick customer satisfaction survey. Let me break down how it works.

Note about reward: This survey actually offers a free coupon for your choice of a free Whopper or chicken sandwich, but I am going to assume most people will opt for the whopper. In either case, the survey process is the same and you can have your choice between the two as your reward!

What is the MyBKExperience Survey?

The MyBKExperience survey ( is a short questionnaire designed by Burger King to gather feedback about their food, service, and overall customer experience. By sharing your honest thoughts, you help them improve and you get rewarded!

Here’s how to complete the survey and get your free Whopper:

  1. Make a Purchase: Visit a participating Burger King restaurant and make a purchase. Keep your receipt! If you’re just after the survey invitation and don’t want to spend a lot of money, just buy a small coke or something cheap.
  2. Find the Survey Code: Look for a unique survey code printed on your Burger King receipt. It’s usually located near the bottom.
  3. Visit the Website: Go to (but read our mybkexperience guide first) within 30 days of your purchase.
  4. Take the Survey: Answer a few questions about your recent Burger King experience. It should only take a few minutes. Be honest with your feedback!
  5. Get Your Validation Code: Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a validation code. Write this code on your receipt.
  6. Redeem Your Reward: On your next visit to Burger King, present your receipt with the validation code and enjoy your free Whopper!

Important things to remember:

  • You must have a recent Burger King receipt with a survey code to participate.
  • The validation code for a free Whopper is usually valid for a limited amount of time.
  • You can sometimes use the code for a free Original Chicken Sandwich instead of the Whopper.
  • There may be limits to how many times you can participate in the survey within a certain timeframe, if you’re not sure you can always ask.

Additional Tips:

  • Look out for special promotions on the survey website, where you sometimes get other offers apart from just a free Whopper.
  • Join the Burger King rewards program called Royal Perks, where you can earn rewards for eating at Burger King, rewards that you can use for discounts on future purchases.
  • Read our mybkexperience customer survey guide before doing the survey to get the best tips and tricks.

That’s it! Enjoy your free Whopper, and don’t forget to share this info with fellow burger lovers.

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